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4 Seasons Seed Mix

4 Seasons Seed Mix


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As natural food supply for the birds decreases, many species will become rare.Birds are very busy during spring. First they must find a partner, then a living space, lay eggs and raise their young. During summer they moult and get a new coat. In the fall they prepare for winter and during winter they need more fat to keep themselves at the right temperature. Birds can lose 10% of their body weight during a cold night.This carefully selected seed mixture provides all the necessary proteins and vitamins and can be used throughout the year.- all season- ambrosia free- recyclable paper box- window made of PLA | 100% biobased plastic- box with spout for easy (re)fill- resealable- easy to stock in display or shelf4 seasons seed mix 2,5 kg, Volume: 2.5 kg

Dimension: 6x4x9.1 in

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