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Hardwood Greenhouse Wide

Hardwood Greenhouse Wide


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Create a wonderful decorative space in the garden for seedlings. This greenhouse not only adds a lot of atmosphere, but it also offers a sheltered place for plants. The greenhouse has two levels and therefore has plenty of space to put plants and seedlings. The wide doors on the front side means placing and tending to plants is easy. On top of which, the shutters can be adjusted to five levels independently of each other, in order to ensure a proper ventilation and oxygen level in the greenhouse. Besides which it is easily foldable allowing it to be stored away with no trouble. The high-quality hardwood provides a nice finish and stability. Besides which the fine wood texture ensures it will feel smooth even after many years. This wood is inherently weatherproof, which will allow the potting table to stay outside.- foldable- 2 shelves- 2 shutters each adjustable to 5 levels- shutters comes with drainage holes- doors on the frontHardwood greenhouse wide, Eucalyptus Wood, stainless steel, glass, Vietnam

Dimension: 46.7x23.7x31.5 in

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