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Garden Shed Nesting Box

Garden Shed Nesting Box


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Shed is a derivation of an old English word shade, shad or shedde which was first documented in 1481 referring to a “yearde in which was a shedde where in were six grete dogs”. Today’s definition of a shed is simple and described as a roofed structure for storage of garden tools, goods and for workspace.This little garden shed is made from polyresin has been designed for the blue tit. It offers not only the blue tit, but also the crested tit, marsh tit, willow tit and coal tit a good place to nest. During severe weather conditions, the nesting box offers shelter and protection.- ventilation holes beneath the roof- bottom can be lifted to clean the nesting box (clean the nesting box only during autumn/fall)- easy to hang thanks to the keyhole slot-suitable for the bleu tit, crested tit, marsh tit, willow tit and coal tit"Birdhouse garden shed, China"

Dimension: 5.5x5.3x9.9 in

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