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Copperplated Nut Feeder, Excl. Bird Food

Copperplated Nut Feeder, Excl. Bird Food


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Fill this modern copper silo with nuts or peanuts. The open structure allows the birds to approach the feeder from all sides and enjoy the feed. The tray on the bottom helps ensure that feed and nutshells don’t fall on the ground but remain in the silo. the tray has comes with drainage holes to ensure that the feed doesn't sit in excess water and spoil. And can be refilled Belarus the screw lid at the top of the feeder. - open structure. - catchment bowl for nuts and shells, with drainage holes.Copperplated nut feeder, Mild steel. *This item does not contain bird food.*

Dimension: 6.5x6.5x12.1 in

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